Red mencia vermouth

For our vermotuh we use wines we produce with the indigenous grapes of our vineyards. Using 2 different techniques, macerations and hydroalcoholic solutions (result of distilling), we add to the wines sected for our vermouth more than 40 extracts of herbs, roots, flowers, spices and fruit. The wines are then aged in oak berween 8 and 18 months in order to get the desired characteristic bouquet before being bottled.

Deep mahogany colour with copper brown glints. Beautifully bright and clean. Complex roasted and toasted nuances due to the oak ageing with spicy notes and fruity aromas coming through. Herbal hints of fennel and rosemary together with black liquorice, vainilla, cinnamon and orange peel. Freesh and silky with a dense and unctuous mouth-feel. Round. medium to full bodied, good backbone and well balanced with a perfect harmony between freshness and sweetness. Lingering finish with spicy and fine bitter notes perfectlu integrated. Intense and elegan retronasal aromas. Surpsisingly persistent. We recommend serving it chilled, on the rocks, with a slice of orange peel.