Young white wine variety white Albarin

Grape variety: 100 % Albarín from own vineyards

Vintage: 2017

Brilliant and clean white wine with straw- yellow color and if you swirl the glass, attractive green glint appear. Varietal aromas, the bouquet of magnolia and honey almond blossoms, with citrus white and  tropical fruit, with some floral notes with hints from woodland reminds. On the palate is dry, agile, persistent, with a balanced acidity and very fleshy.

GORDONZELLO WINERY, was founded in 1995.  Nowadays GORDONZELLO is leader winery from D. O. TIERRA DE LEÓN (Castilla y León; Spain). Our native grapes are the fundamental pillars of the winery with more than 200 Ha. in property: PRIETO PICUDO, VERDEJO and white ALBARIN.