Variety: 100 % Prieto Picudo from our vineyards.

Vintage: 2017

Winemaking process: During cold maceration (72hours), the must is in contact with the skins, so it acquires the color and robe necessary for a great young wine. Next, fermentation at controlled temperature with daily pumping and early debating produce a very distinctive, high-quality wine. 

The color is a deep cherry red with bluish highlights. It impressive nose is revealing flowers, minerals and very ripe fruit. It is long and warm in the mouth, with sweet tannins and balanced acidity stand out.

GORDONZELLO WINERY, was founded in 1995.  Nowadays GORDONZELLO is leader winery from D. O. TIERRA DE LEÓN (Castilla y León; Spain). Our native grapes are the fundamental pillars of the winery with more than 200 Ha. in property: PRIETO PICUDO, VERDEJO and white ALBARIN.