Ageing white wine- 6 months in French oak barrels - white Albarin grape

Grape variety: 100 % Albarín from own vineyards.

Vintage: 2015

Winemaking process: mechanical harvest at night. Cold maceration the grapes before press it. After the pressing, the juice is kept to new French oak barrels to carry out the alcoholic fermentation and ageing with fine lees for 6 months up to its bottling. Ageing: 6 months in French oak barrels

Tasting note: luminous wine, Straw-yellow color. Its aroma is intensive and powerful, with complexity that  it is derivate of winemaking into the new French oak barrels. On the nose, there is citrus fruit, white fruit such as melon and flowers. On the palate, there is magnify balance between fruit and acidity, it is silky, unctuous and complex.

GORDONZELLO WINERY, was founded in 1995.  Nowadays GORDONZELLO is leader winery from D. O. TIERRA DE LEÓN (Castilla y León; Spain). Our native grapes are the fundamental pillars of the winery with more than 200 Ha. in property: PRIETO PICUDO, VERDEJO and white ALBARIN.