Variety: 100 % Prieto Picudo from our vineyards.

Vintage: 2017

Winemaking process: we use the age-old “Madreo” technique, which consists in adding to the fermentation vat a 10% of its total capacity of Prieto Picudo bunches. The intracellular fermentation that takes place within  each grape berry gives the wine more color, more structure and very fine carbon dioxide bubbles. (Slightly sparkling wine)

Brilliant and clean rosé wine. The color is red raspberry with the attractive blue-purple glints appear. On the nose appear the jellies bouquet, red licorice, strawberry yoghurt and red fruit like the strawberry, raspberry and cherry. In mouthfeel it is characterized by the persistent and its pleasant acidity, making it an agile wine. It`s freshness and inviting us to the tasting

GORDONZELLO WINERY, was founded in 1995.  Nowadays GORDONZELLO is leader winery from D. O. TIERRA DE LEÓN (Castilla y León; Spain). Our native grapes are the fundamental pillars of the winery with more than 200 Ha. in property: PRIETO PICUDO, VERDEJO and white ALBARIN.