Semi-sweet white wine

Semi-sweet white wine, made with sauvignong blanc grapes, is a fresh and pleasant wine with aromas of tropical fruits, an ideal wine for young people or those who are new to wine.

Bodegas González Palacios is a family winery founded in 1960 by D. Francisco González Palacios who, as a wine-lover and expert brought up in wine country, created the vineyard more as a hobby than as a business. Since its foundation however, the hobby has become his passion and life´s work, carried on in collaboration with his sons. Lebrija´s situation on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, only a few kilometres from the sea, makes the location perfect  for wine-making as it provides the ideal microclimate for grape-growing. Our wine cellar currently has a capacity of 800.000 ltrs of wine which we mature in aged American oak casks.

Bodegas Gonzalez Palacios aims to create high quality wines by marrying traditional Andalusian techniques with innovative processes and technology. We research and develop new strategies ranging from the restructuring of our vineyards to the acquisition of high technology machinery with this goal in mind. The backbone of our enterprise is the team that makes up our company, from the agricultural technicians who manage the vines and harvest the grapes by hand to the sommelier who creates and refines the distinctive flavours of our wine. The hard-work, knowledge and passion of each employee makes our goal of producing our fantastic wines possible. The quality of our wines has been recognised internationally in numerous awards. We have received important prizes such as the Excellence Award and the International Quality Award in Paris and two of our wines have been included in the French Winemakers´ list of the 1000 Best World Wines.