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Red Wine, Tempranillo. With a little oak, Something different

PRODUCTION SUMMARY   Limited to a production of 1500 bottles, this wine was prepared with grapes from winery’s oldest vines, over 80 years old, and harvested by hand, to create an exclusive selection of wines and clusters. They are subject to a thorough control in their fermentation, to preserve all of its aromas. It sits for 8 months in French oak barrels to later be bottled, where it will reach its full elegance and affinity.  

VARIETIES: 100% Tempranillo  

DESCRIPTION: COLOUR: Cherry red wine with ruby-colored rims. BOUQUET: Red fruits are evident with hints of oak, dairies and licorice. FLAVOUR: Full-bodied, balanced and good structured.´  

SENSORIAL CHARACTERISTICS: Shows great intensity in its red cherry color and its ruby-colored rims. clean and brilliant wine. Its aroma is defined as intense, complex and elegant. With the mixing of the aromas offered by the tempranillo and the wood aromas, there are evident smells of red fruits, along with hints of spices, cocoa, good oak wood, dairies and licorice. Good attack on the palate. Mid palate proves to be full-bodied, balanced, with good structure while at the same time has a pleasant and easy to drink tannin. Through the retro-nasal the initial aromas continue to appear along with balsamic sensations. Defined as a wine with personality, flavourful, long and persistent. An excellent wine

GARCIA DE OLANO is a familiar winery located in Páganos, in the heart of  Rioja Alavesa, producer D.O.C. RIOJA-RIOJA ALAVESA wines.

  With 45 Has. of private vineyards, and with more than 250.000 bottles production per year, our business  philosophy is to follow a viticulture respecting the “terroir”, with the 100% of the grape production from our own vineyards, and  with limited grape productions in order to obtain high quality grapes.

We continue the familiar traditions inherited after several generations of viticultors.  

We produce eight different wines, one white and seven red, and we diferentitate in two line of  wines, one that we called TRADITIONAL WINES, very fruity and not too oaky wines, with good balance and very easy to drink wines. And a second one, more modern, with more body, more color, more complexity that called EXCEPTIONAL WINES,  where we can find wines with more than 90 points Peñin and with 5 starts   Quality / Price Ratio.

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