We launch our first Sparkling Wines collection at Bodegas FC.  Following the same traditional method of cava making, we have developed "Queen of Kings".  Its aesthetics line and design arises from the idea of ??honouring women. Each bottle is dressed with creations inspired by great geniuses of haute couture; in which styles the feminine spirit, as well as the exclusivity and personality of each one of our sparkling wines are reflected. The fresh, dynamic and cheerful woman; feminine and sensual; sweet, sensitive and creative; adventurous and audacious or the serene, wise and balanced woman who represents our Gran Reserva Especial.  With love and delight, we dedicate this collection to the woman who devotes herself daily to her work in this exciting world.

           Specially we wanted to give you to taste the two most iconic from the collection:

           QUEEN OF KINGS BLANC DE NOIR- Elaborated with 100% red grape Monastrell. Almost colourless, in which, a fine and constant bubble flows. On nose, it reveals deep fruit aromas with citrus notes (lemons and oranges).  Its strong bubble and the fresh fruit flavour add freshness, balanced acidity at the end. 

           QUEEN OF KINGS MOSCATEL- Elaborated with 100% Muscatel, it has a perfect clean and shiny yellow color and a thin bubble. On nose, floral aromas with ripe fruits , apricots or peaces and citrus peels. We stand out its creaminess, freshness, elegance and persistence on mouth.

Francisco Gómez saw in these lands the very thing he had been seeking for many years, a perfect setting where he could fulfil his dreams. They provided him with an outstanding site to establish modern wineries in which his principles of high quality, sustainability and concern for the natural environment could be given top priority.

The farm, which covers over 3,500 hectares - 250 of vines and 350 of olive groves – is today a modern industrial concern which is performing the same work it did a thousand years ago. Tradition and Revolution go hand in hand. They are the two sides of the same coin.

The cornerstones of the Bodegas Francisco Gómez winery are:

Quality: The production of top-end wines and olive oils.

Care for the natural environment: Transmitting all that is good about our time-honoured wine and oil-making Mediterranean traditions to the market, under the seal of ORGANIC, DEMETER (Byodinamic farming), VEGAN certifications and in the Extra Virgin Olive Oils we add also the KOSHER certification.

Sustainability: Recovering and maintaining the territory. Seeking to be a national leader in the supply of quality products of maximum prestige and to foster economic and social development in the region.

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