Raices Reserva 12 meses 100% Tempranillo DOP Valdepeñas

Bodegas Fernando Castro is located in the heart of the Designation of Origin Valdepeñas. Lying on the southern edge of the Iberian plateau and clearly defined by the plains of La Mancha to the north, the fields of Montiel to the east, those of Calatrava to the west and the Sierra Morena to the south, Santa Cruz de Mudela preserves the cultural and culinary traditions of La Mancha.  

The Wines of Bodegas Fernando Castro express the personality of a unique región where a climate of extreme temperatures and the special characteristics of the land are ideal for growing high quality vines.  

Fernando Castro wines combine all the good of the winemaking tradition of the Valdepeñas Appellation of Origin with the use of new technologies and a suitable choice of raw materials as the origin of its success. One of the main aspects to consider is the use of different types of oak barrels, depending on the wines elaboration nominated for aging. 

In addition, our team of oenologists is used to costume the wines according to the tastes of each particular market. We have a clear vocation of service and we are very export- oriented which helps us being aware of what it´s demanded at each time.