White wine with ageing in french oak barrels

  • Exhibitor: BODEGAS FÉLIX SANZ, S.L.
  • Innovation Area

100 % verdejo

Selected harvest. Fermentation and ageing in 500 liters French oak barrels.

Green color with golden reflections and intense tear.

On nose, fruity peach overtones and fruit jam perfectly blended with oak. Spicy, vanilla hints, roasted nuts and dairy.

Unctuous, balanced on mouth and very spicy in the finish. Long, suggestive and evocative finish.

Serving 12 ºC

It is in 1934 when Felix Sanz, being one of the most important wine growers in the area, founds in the central crossing of the Villa de Rueda Bodegas Félix Sanz to start making and packaging "harvesting wines". It was born with the clear philosophy of creating a range of unique, different wines that reflect the character of the earth with minimal human intervention and that is the spirit that lasts through its more than 80 years of existence. But it is not until a few years ago when the winery began its real expansion, remodeling the old facilities, replanting and rehabilitating their Cimbrón Páramo vineyards and adapting the production process to new technologies, making a clear commitment to innovation and thus giving a step forward in which wines and the human team constitute their main identity.

In addition, Bodegas Félix Sanz has become a pioneer company within the Rueda area in a booming sector: wine tourism. Under the slogan "Creating moments", in 2010 the Hotel Cimbrón opens, a select four-star hotel that has four double rooms whose names correspond to its most significant wines: Viña Cimbrón, Casaverde, Abad Martín and Montenegro. This privileged situation in the heart of the Denomination of Origin, together with its underground cellar of the fifteenth century, allows them to bring the world of wine closer to anyone who wants to live their magic with intensity.

With capacity for almost half a million liters in the Rueda wine cellar, the annual production of white wines is reduced to around 300,000 bottles in accordance with the quality standards required for their wines. Protected by the Denomination of Origin, Verdejo monovarietals are elaborated in their different modalities and Sauvignon Blanc, with grapes from Cimbrón Páramo, which gives name to its main brand and which is only 4 kilometers from the winery. From the Ribera de Duero and with a firm step, Bodegas Félix Sanz follows the path marked by those 90 Parker points in its Montenegro range, which ranges from the red Oak to the Reserve and which continue to harvest awards in each vintage.A few years ago and sheltering in the mention of the Land of Castilla y León wine, Abad Martin, an author's wine with a great personality and a long journey, and the Cimbrón Strawberry Cream, a tasty pink, expressive and with an image elaborated novel and surprising.

Bodegas Félix Sanz puts all its effort into elaborating its wines adapting to new technologies, but keeping intact the spirit of the traditional elaboration that is breathed in its rooms of more than four centuries of history. Especially in recent years, this way of understanding this world has been recognized with numerous awards and mentions at national and international level. Viña Cimbrón Verdejo and Montenegro Crianza have obtained between more than 9,000 wines, both Gold and Silver medals respectively in the prestigious Brussels World Competition held last May in Valladolid and which is one of the most important showcases of diversity viticulture worldwide. In addition to the above, both Montenegro and Viña Cimbrón have received more awards in 2017 nationally and internationally: Gold medal in the CINVE awards for red, Silver and Bronze respectively in the International Wine Challenge and Bronze for both in the Decanter Wine World Awards. The Peñín Guide or the Gourmet among others, have also reflected with great scores the good trajectory of their wines.