Jerez seco, oloroso en rama, sin filtrar.

Fermentación: Natural en botas de roble americano (600 litros de capacidad) sin añadido de levaduras y reposado durante 6 meses sobre lías.

Crianza: Oxidativa en botas centenarias de roble americano, conun envejecimiento medio de 20 años en la solera de Oloroso que data de 1.900.

Vejez: Media de 20 años.

Color: Caoba con reflejos yodados.

Aroma: Intenso y poderoso, con recuerdos a nuez.

Sabor: Con cuerpo, intenso y largo, y notas glicéricas.

The bodega produces a full range of sherries (Fino, Palo Cortado, Amontillado, Oloroso, Cream and PX), including this year an exclusive saca of 120 numbered bottles of VORS Oloroso from one of the old soleras.

It was founded in 1972, when Doctor Faustino González Aparicio acquired 220 butts, including some small old soleras dating back to 1789 that had been stored in the Alcázar of Jerez, and moved them into his wife’s bodega. It’s one of the most traditional and beautiful bodegas in Jerez, and the wines, unusually, are still fermented in the barrel, rather than in steel vats.

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