Bodegas Covitoro was born in 1974 as the result of the initiative and eagerness of a group of vine growers in the area. Began its activity with the harvest of 1978 and was one of the forerunner of the Denomination of Origin Toro to its constitution in 1987. Bodegas Covitoro is proud to own an important amount of the oldest vineyards in the Denomination of Origin Toro which brings to their wines a clear difference in quality and profusion of shades.
sabroso y persistente, con aromas a frutas negras y rojas típicas de la variedad Tinta de Toro
  • Brand name: Cermeño Vendimia seleccionada
  • Sector: D.O. YOUNG RED WINE
  • Organic
un vino moderno, elegante y, sobre todo, fácil de beber.
  • Brand name: Barbián Tinto Roble
  • Sector: D.O. AGED RED WINE
Gran Cermeño Crianza is a persistent, gliceric and bright wine.
  • Brand name: Gran Cermeño Crianza
  • Sector: D.O. AGED RED WINE
Es un vino excepcional, procedente de viñedos de más de 80 años
  • Brand name: Cañus Verus Viñas Viejas
  • Sector: D.O. AGED RED WINE

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