Usoa de Bagordi - Rosé 2017 100% Garnache DOCa Rioja Bio

Usoa de Bagordi Rosé

Grape Variety: 100% Garnache

Vintage: 2017

Production: The new must is subjected to cold maceration with the Red Garnacha skins for 18 to 24 hours approx. These are then separated from the skins to allow the fermentation at 18 degrees. The inherent raising agent in the grape transforms the sugar to alcohol. The aromatic character of the red fruits is respected by removing the skins prior to fermentation. Once the fermentation has finished, a further and more prolonged maceration, including the grape particles, takes place.


Visual:  Pale pink in colour, lively, clear and bright with a youthful purple rim.

Nasal:  Fresh and fruity aroma suggestive of slightly sharp ripe red fruit such as raspberries and wild strawberries and of rose petals. The gentlest hint of natural carbonation contributes to the overall sense of freshness.

Taste: Impressive sense of freshness from the outset accompanied by a slight sharpness and the traditional aromas of the Garnacha. Prolonged after-taste with a good balance between the fruitiness and vegetable flavours

Bodegas Bagordi - 100% organic Viticulture

ECO first quality wines from DOCa Rioja (Rioja del Reyno sub-denomination) - family company that produces & bottles 100% of its wines on the property.

We cultivate and take care of 65 hectares of our own, which allows us to harvest the grapes at their optimum ripeness and control the entire complex and wonderful winemaking process.

Certified organic viticulture is one of our top priorities. We present a wide range of wines ... whites, rosés & reds of coupage and monovarietals, with more than 28 types in our catalogue. Very different wines, original and with an excellent quality-price ratio. Our USOA DE BAGORDI GRAN RESERVA 08 - 60% tempranillo 40% graciano - is the only ecological Gran Reserva of the denomination.

Latest awards at MillésimeBio Awards, Mundus Vini, Parker90 + ...

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