OIASSO Garnacha Single Variety Premium Wine, 2015, 10 months oak ageing, 12 months bottle ageing

OIASSO Garnacha Single Variety

Varieties: Garnacha 100%

Vintage: 2015

Ageing: 10 months oak barrel, 12 months bottle


Garnacha is the variety par excellence best adapted to our climatic conditions and the poorest and most demanding terrains of our region. With their more than 50 years, these strains twisted by the course of the years and the climatic rigors, they provide us grapes of extraordinary quality, special, unique each harvest, The harvesting takes place at the optimum moment of maturity, being the last grapes in enter cellar., are collected manually, in small boxes, the precious clusters are deposited to get them to arrive in the best conditions to the winery. The meticulous elaboration, with slow and controlled fermentation, but prolonged in time, together with aging for 10 months in French oak barrels and its well-deserved rest for more than 12 months in our wine rack, have made this great wine possible. nuances for the enjoyment of the most demanding and rigorous palates.

Tasting Notes

  • Visual: Intense cherry of medium high layer, clean and bright with violet iridescence that reveal its vividness and predict slow and calm aging.
  • Nasal:  Fruity and elegant aroma, dominating red fruits, strawberries and cherry peppers, on mineral and balsamic background. The harmonious and delicate wood, enhances and exalts the varietal expressivity of Garnacha.
  • Taste: Hugely fruity and round. A sweet treat in the mouth, with soft and sweet tannins that provide freshness and a very pleasant sensation of red fruits in the mouth. In the aftertaste, pleasant tannins, slightly mineral and fruity, as in the nose.

Bodegas Bagordi - 100% organic Viticulture

ECO first quality wines from DOCa Rioja (Rioja del Reyno sub-denomination) - family company that produces & bottles 100% of its wines on the property.

We cultivate and take care of 65 hectares of our own, which allows us to harvest the grapes at their optimum ripeness and control the entire complex and wonderful winemaking process.

Certified organic viticulture is one of our top priorities. We present a wide range of wines ... whites, rosés & reds of coupage and monovarietals, with more than 28 types in our catalogue. Very different wines, original and with an excellent quality-price ratio. Our USOA DE BAGORDI GRAN RESERVA 08 - 60% tempranillo 40% graciano - is the only ecological Gran Reserva of the denomination.

Latest awards at MillésimeBio Awards, Mundus Vini, Parker90 + ...

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