Alcoholic degree – 13%. Vineyard: 100% Verdejo. Characteristics – Straw-yellow in the glass with green edge, clean, brilliant, very attractic. Powerful bouquet, on a backdrop of flowers with hints of grass. Elegant, fleshy an well-structured.

For the Arroyo family, wine is a deep-rooted passion, as are the vines they have looked after and grown for several generations. The wine made in the cellar comes from their own vineyards that are spread over 7 estates, covering a total area of 90 hectares in the village of Sotillo de la Ribera.

The Arroyo family is aware that top quality wine is much more than the process of pressing and treating the grape until it is bottled and distributed. They consider it a ritual that begins with the delicate caring of the vines. Once the grape is considered to have reached optimum ripeness for obtaining the quality of wine that the cellar’s clients both deserve and demand, harvesting is carried out by hand on each plot in turn, vine by vine.

Culmination comes with a careful winemaking process in installations equipped with latest technology, which together with tradition and experience, provide the very best conditions for producing excellent wine. All these efforts and the loving care employed in the fields, together with the processes of the cellar itself may be appreciated when tasting any of the wines produced.

We are confident that you will be able to appreciate what we are talking about if you decide to learn more about us.

In Bodega S. Arroyo, wine is our passion and we know how to put this feeling into our products. International recognition has been the reward for the efforts and hard work of the personnel that make up the winery, with their immense faith in a job well done, and one which is capable of reaping such excellent results.

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