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White wine Javier Sanz Verdejo 2017

Elaborated with grapes of more than 40 years old, is the best expression of Rueda and its terroir: youthfyl and bright, it shows fresh and lively varietal notes of sweet grapefruit and pineaplle, combined with anise and fennel. Bone dry in the palate, its medium body is coupled with a crisp, refreshing acidity to drink at all times. It will suit any type of delicate flavors and lightly seasoned white fish or seafood

  Javier Sanz Viticultor specializes in the creation of quality, signature wines. We focus on quality and exclusivity by using painstaking work methods both in the field and the wine-making process. This involves recovering nearly extinct varieties, taking good care of the old vineyards to preserve the origins of the winery and carrying out selected production processes. Javier Sanz owns 250 acres of vineyards, which permits taking care of the development of the vines and monitoring them from the beginning of the process. The average yield is 7,500 kg/ha and the production is of 600,000 bottles per year. 

The story of Javier Sanz Viticultor began in the mid-19th century with the great-grandfather of the current company director, from whom vineyards dating back to 1863 were inherited. From that time until today, five generations have perpetuated a special relationship – based on tradition and excellence – between grower and vine.

Our star variety is verdejo, native to Rueda, to which Javier Sanz Viticultor has added other varieties following in-depth research, restoring of abandoned varieties and the planting of non-conventional ones. Over the past fifteen years, Javier Sanz has worked on the recovery of abandoned varieties; this is the case of verdejo Malcorta, a clone which has been recovered for its intense floral aromas and its higher level of acidity over the conventional Verdejo. After carrying out tests and studies, he discovered the great potential of varietals such as Grasa de Cotnari (from Romania) and Colorado (an unknown and unique red wine strain found in our vineyards)