Gotin Mencia 2016 / Oak red wine Mencia

  • Exhibitor: BODEGA DEL ABAD
  • Brand name: GOTÍN del Risc MENCIA 2016

Elaboration: Fermentation in tanks of stainless steel conical with a controlled temperature during 10 days for a total of 20 days maceration. Aged in French barrels, origin of the Burgundy region, with the close monitoring and supervision of our technical department. When the wine was at its optimum bottling, the total duration of the breeding reached 9 months.

Bottled with natural cork 49x24mm.


Production Area: Valtuille de Arriba

Average Age: 50 Years

Soil Composition: Stony presence of slates, quartzites and other minerals

Altitude: 550 meters

Family winery located in Carracedelo, in the Bierzo region. This land enjoys a special microclimate, a result of the combination of the Atlantic climate and the continental Mediterranean. The bercian climate allows an excellent production of fruits and vegetables. As well as a magnificent variety of wines, among which those who are registered in the Denomination of Origin Bierzo as ours stand out.We started making wines and planting vines in 2000, but it is in 2003 when the winery is inaugurated. It has the most modern facilities and technological innovations for the elaboration of its wines, which allow an exhaustive control of the quality of the whole process that is carried out, from the harvest until the wine bottle leaves the cellar.

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