Organic Hulled Chickling cultivated in Italy. Gluten Free -Vegan OK -NON OGM.

  • Exhibitor: BMS S.r.l.
  • Brand name: BIOTECA
  • Organic
The cultivation of chickling in Italy is limited to some areas of central and southern Italy. The regions of Lazio, Marche, Molise, Puglia and Umbria have obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, the recognition of traditional Italian agro-food product. Rich in proteins and starches, vitamin B1 B2 and PP, calcium, phosphorus, dietary fiber, chickling is recommended in nutritional oligo therapy, in memory disorders, in cerebral fatigue, recommended for students and the elderly. Very suitable for vegetarians who tend to feel weak and asthenic. Like all legumes, it has interesting nutritional characteristics, both for the high protein and starch content and for the low quantity of fats. It has a very sweet mild taste that resembles a broad bean. The texture is soft and powdery and once cooked it has a creamy bite. The chickling skin is very hard and needs long soaking and cooking time but our hulled version reduces the task and makes it more digestible. BMS takes care of the entire food chain from the seed to the packing. Providing detailed analysis on each lot to assure the safest product to our clients.

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