Organic beans cultivated in Italy. Gluten free -Vegan OK-NON GMO.

  • Exhibitor: BMS S.r.l.
  • Brand name: BIOTECA
  • Sector: JUDÍAS
  • Organic

Organic Beans cultivated in Artisanal farms in Northern Italy.  Gluten free - Vegan ok -NON GMO. Varieties available: Borlotti, Cannellini, Black Eye; 

Organic beans cultivated in small local farms in Asia and central Egypt.Gluten free - Vegan ok -NON GMO. Available varieties: red azuki beans, green mung, black beans;

Organic Azuki are small red beans cultivated in East Asia. Gluten Free and suitable for vegan diets. They have a very sweet nutty flavor and are often used in many popular Asian desserts but they are equally delicious in savory applications, combined with rice, as a side dish, cold or warm salads & soups. Adzuki beans are a staple of the macrobiotic diet, which calls for the consumption of plenty of fibrous, protein-packed legumes. Macrobiotics considers azukis to be the most “yang,” or warming, of all beans, and consequently, good for imparting strength. Known for their healing properties in Traditional Chinese Medicine, adzukis are said to support kidney, bladder and reproductive function.Like many other beans, azukis are a good source of magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and B vitamins. Also of note is the adzuki’s status as the “weight loss bean,” since they are so low in calories and fat, yet high in nutrition. Additionally, they are relatively easy to digest, so they should not give you gas as other beans do. BMS audits the farms and the producers that handle the cleaning and the selection. Each lot  is double selected in our facility and analyzed in accredited and certified laboratories following the strict LQ limits that in Italy are very strict. 

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