Organic Yellow & Black Chickpeas cultivated Italy. Gluten free - Vegan Ok -NON GMO.

  • Exhibitor: BMS S.r.l.
  • Brand name: BIOTECA
  • Sector: GARBANZOS
  • Organic Exhibition Area

Organic Gluten free chickpeas cultivated in artisanal farms located in Central and Southern Italy. Ideal for vegetarian and vegan diets. Our Chickpeas are rich in high biological value proteins, which is why they are a very good substitute of meat. Their health benefits are due to the high content of magnesium and folic acid: the first promotes blood circulation, the latter helps to prevent the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Chickpeas also contain unsaturated fatty acids (omega-3) that regulate the content of triglycerides in blood preventing heart diseases. Furthermore, the presence of dietary fiber is useful to maintain the regular functionality of digestion and to balance glucose’s level in blood.

BMS takes care of the entire food chain from the seed to the packing. Providing detailed analysis on each lot to assure the safest product to our clients.

Organic Chickpeas cultivated Italy. Gluten free - Vegan Ok -NON GMO. Available precooked (on glass jar of 300g.) and ready to be used and also, Hulled and split in bags of 400g. 

Available in small retail flow packs (packed in modiefied atmosphere), foodservice and bulk (1kg to 5kg) (25kg or bigbags)