Antinous, roman wine fermented with spices and macerated with petals of violets.

Red wine of bluish color of high layer, in nose high intensity to black fruit, blackberry and ripe figs. In the mouth intense, astringent, fleshy, blackberry sensation, intense and lasting violets along with the sweet notes of honey and spices at the end.

Intense floral aroma and its striking blackberry flavor, it is interesting to use with foods and dishes with a mild but spicy taste, as it marries excellently with grilled meat, stews with intense and aromatic flavor, spicy sausages, steak-tartar, hamburgers, blue cheese, charcuterie, poultry, and red meats seasoned with soft, spicy and aromatic sauces.

Baetica Vino de la Hispania Romana and Cheese LIBVM are registered trademarks of Grupo Logica Gestión Cultural.

Our company, specialized in technology and physical reconstruction of historical foods, inverts the clock of history, opening a door to the past, and allowing us to serve on the tables of the XXI century the gastronomic delights that surprised our ancestors.

It arises as a result of years of research and experimentation, developed by research groups from several Universities, professionals from the history and gastronomy sector, who are part of our scientific and technical team.

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