• Exhibitor: ARTEQUESO
  • Brand name: ARTEQUESO

Queso de leche cruda de oveja manchega con denominación de origen protejida

Curación 2 meses en secadero  y 8-10 meses en aceite.

Our cheeses are produced in “Finca La Prudenciana”, an agricultural and cattle raising family owned property located in Tembleque, in the heart of “La Mancha” region. We are already the fourth generation of the Alvarez Valera family, devoted to a family business that started  with farming and was later completed by breeding Manchego sheep.   Our more representative cheeses that constitute the most important volume of production and sales, are the Manchego Artisan D.O. raw milk cheeses commercialized with the brand ARTEQUESO. These cheeses are produced with raw Manchego sheep´s milk of the highest quality, collected from selected herds from the same area, that maintain a rigorously supervised nourishment. Produced following the most strict artisan tradition, keeping an absolute control over each of the processing steps.

Our experience in cheese production, together with the success and recognition of  ARTEQUESO among our customers in different markets, encouraged us to increase our range of raw milk aged cheeses with new specialties made from sheep and goat´s  milk, or a blend of these and cow´s milk with the brand  BUENALBA.    With  BUENALBA we offer cheeses with the same characteristics of ARTEQUESO,  selected milk of the highest quality and absolute control over each processing step, but switching the artisan tradition of a D.O., Manchego Cheese, for innovation. We were looking for cheeses that provide new flavours and aromas and, why not , colours, in a perfect balance.