Casing carton stucco and plasticized in mate, for two bottles of 500 ml. of AOVE La Samiaja Picual + La Samiaja Coupage. Ideal for gifts

La Samiaja is a family run business in the heart of the olive belt in Archidona, Southern Andalucía. Our aim is to ensure sustainable development of our oil production for now and the future. The production of the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the fundamental pillar of our business. We have gone back to using traditional methods that have minimal impact on our natural habitat, are ecological and in turn have a huge benefit on the health of those who consume our products. The unique eco-system of our olive trees ensures the PICUAL variety of our olives delivers an intense full-bodied oil with a unique flavour and vibrant green fruity. Early harvest, and cold filtering leaves an intense floral, yet peppery taste that is high in anti-oxidant polyphenols.   We also produce an EVOO called COUPAGE, which is produced using the HOJIBLANCA, PICUAL, and GORDALILLA olive, more mature olives collected in December, with a smoother flavour, not as intense as the Picual. We stay away from mass production to ensure our product is kept to the highest quality and view it as an art form, from the production to the bottling. By using a simple design for our bottles and packaging we want to reflect the simplicity and life of the countryside from where the olives are grown.