Parqueoliva Fruit is a product prepared with quinces in good condition, properly mature and fresh, which is undergone a process of extraction, physical and mechanical, during the preparation. The result is a superior quality product.

Quince benefits:

LOW CALORIE: Quince, in terms of its composition, is not particularly known for its high calorie content; it is not a fruit with a lot of sugar.

RICH IN MINERALS: This is one of the most important quince properties: it has an excellent level of potassium and calcium.

EXCELLENT SOURCE OF FIBRE: The main benefits of quince come from its high fiber content, especially pectin and mucilage, as well as tannins. This makes this product as an astringent and an excellent digestive. It is often used to soften the digestive system and even stimulate a good liver function.

HIGH CONTENT OF MALIC ACID: Good to eliminate uric acid.

Nestled in the Natural Park of the Sierras Subbéticas and protected by the D.O.P. Priego de Córdoba, Almazaras de la Subbética is a clear example of an Andalusian agri-food cooperative that has been able to evolve, modernize and adapt itself to the needs of an increasingly competitive world market. 4,000 families that live into and totally for the olive grove, a traditional mountain olive grove, with high harvesting costs and that has been inherited from generation to generation. A clear focus on quality, respect for the environment and a high level of corporate social responsibility, are the main axes of our daily life. Our facilities are equipped with the latest machinery that allows us to carry out the best management of olives in all stages of production. We have the highest international quality standards, such as IFS and BRC. All of the above leads us to be the most awarded company in the history by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture Awards. We should add that we are also the most awarded company in the world in recent years, a fact that has been endorsed with the achievement in 2015 and 2016 with the World's Best Mill Award, supported by the prestige and recognition of our brands Parqueoliva Serie Oro and Rincón de la Subbética. Currently, our R&D department works in the development of EVOOs for di­erent culinary uses. Due to this research process, we have obtained a special EVOO for frying, which has been developed with our partner Patatas Fritas San Nicasio.