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The loins are the tastiest part of the salmon. We use only the largest pieces and the upper part of the salmon thus obtaining the most intense flavor and the most delicate texture. Our salmon from the North Sea (Norway). The freshest salmon arrives at our facilities every week and after a selection of the best pieces are prepared under the traditional techniques of smoking obtaining a product of maximum quality for the most demanding palates. We find the following packaging: Norwegian salmon smoked pork loin piece 1000 gr, 400 gr, 150 gr and 100 gr. Norwegian salmon marinated lomo piece 1000 gr, 400 gr, 150 gr.

Ahumados Nordfish is a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of smoked and salted fish, of high quality. Flavor defenders, treating the product with traditional and natural techniques. Its only preservatives, smoke and salt. Respecting 100% the raw material. The result is a traditional product of high quality.

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