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  • Brand name: AGROMALLORCA
Confitura de ciruelas, producto 100% natural, sin conservantes, ni colorantes y sin gluten. Ideal para untar en tostadas o para la preparación de postres.

Agromallorca S.A.T. was founded in 1964 by Joan Vicens Tortella, who with his entrepreneurial spirit, perseverance and effort has positioned the company as one of the most important in the fruit and vegetable sector of the Balearic Islands.Today Agromallorca S.A.T. with more than 50 years and three generations behind it, continues to grow and work to satisfy our consumer needs.

The philosophy of Agromallorca S.A.T. is based on control and perfect functioning of each of the different parties involved in the production process, from planting until the product reaches the consumer, reducing the number of intermediaries and relying on the latest technology and on an excellent team who completes the circle of production with the maximum level of quality.

Our company has:376,500 m2 of greenhouses (under plastic and mesh)415,000 m2 of fruit trees6,200 m2 of warehouses800 m2 of own seedbedsA fleet of 6 trucks in fleet4,103 tonnes traded in 2015140 average work force.

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