Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, juice from the first extraction of our arbequina olives.

Corresponds to an extra virgin oil of sweet type, of green-gold color, delicate, fragrant and very aromatic. Medium fruity with low levels of bitter and spicy, flavors of almond, tomato, apple and freshly cut grass, characteristic of the variety of our olives. Oil soft and very fluid in the mouth. With moderate oleic content, high in polyunsaturates, and rich in phenol phenols and tocophenoles.

A great oil that in raw preserves all its organoleptic characteristics.

Very good for consumption with fresh and cooked vegetables, for fish both steamed and grilled, the most suitable for sauce and pastry, and ideal for red meats.

It comes in several formats and sizes of 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 750 ml, always in a glass bottle with a non-refillable cap that guarantees the origin and purity of the product at all times.

In 2007, the "El Risco" farm in Guareña (BADAJOZ) started the plantation of 46,000 trees of the ARBEQUINA variety by the company Agrícola bbmotta, S.L.

Since the autumn of 2012 we started to increase our plantations. That autumn planted 16,000 thousand trees of the same variety as existing and this past spring we have completed the planting of that plot with another 16,000 more. With this last plantation we have completed the first phase of our super-intensive olive grove, with a total of 78,000 trees planted on 42 hectares of an enormously fertile land. With the olives obtained in the sixth year of production, we have been able to make the Arbequina Extra Virgin Oil that we offer.

To do this, and whenever possible, we try to ensure that the olives are processed with the shortest possible waiting time, in order to achieve the desired quality with the inestimable help of the mill. With the eagerness to advance with the new tendencies, we have specialized in flavored oils in 7 different varieties: GARLIC, TRUFFLE, SMOKE, CANELA AND VANILLA, LEMON, PEPPER, CHILE.

It comes in several formats, with a non-refillable cap of 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml.