EVOO SELECCIÓN URZANTE (ANFORA 750ml, 500ml y 250ml)

  • Exhibitor: ACEITES URZANTE
  • Brand name: URZANTE
Urzante Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from the best perfectly ripe olives. Ideal for dressings, seasonings or simply on a slice of bread. Highly prestigious oil made by selecting our best production. It masterfully balances olive varieties including Arbequina (fruity and aromatic), Hojiblanca (bringing some pleasant heat) and Verdial (delicate), producing oil with an unmistakable flavour. Furthermore, our exclusive coupage contains 50% Arbequina, the most highly prized variety, bringing more aroma and flavour. TASTE NOTE Balanced, slightly almond-flavoured taste with touches of almond and green apple.

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