Desferas - Amazing taste that explote in your mouth

  • Exhibitor: Aceites Rafael Salgado
  • Brand name: DESFERAS en Rafael Salgado
  • Innovation Area

Spherification is a culinary procedure that combines several concepts of physics, chemistry and biology directly, about the food we consume.

It consists, basically, in the presentation of a food in the form of small spheres with soft texture on the outside and liquid inside, which produces a pleasant sensation in the mouth of the diner.

They are spectacularly well combined with foie, meats, seafood, fish, salads, ice cream, yogurt, desserts, cocktails, champagne, gin and tonic ...

Who can resist to try them? Surely they will be the sensation!

For more than 5 generations the Salgado family has developed a line of high quality olive oils based on the deep knowledge of the habits and tastes of the consumer in each country. Since 1875, the date on which this business project was started, we are proud to supply the most suitable type of oil for each market.

As a result of the joint venture with GRUPO MIGASA, one of the world leaders in the production and sale of olive oils and seeds, we have our own mills, extraction plants, refineries and bottling plants, thus controlling the entire production process.