Clemen 75 años-Extra Virgin Olive Oil-100% Manzanilla

  • Exhibitor: ACEITES CLEMEN
  • Brand name: Clemen 75 años
Superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with an intense fruity flavour, in a shade of green, and aromas of plants and herbs. Intense aftertaste, and well-balanced. Unique freshness and harmony. Cold extracted. Available sizes: 250mL and 500mL. Packaging material: Glass 

Our story starts in 1942 when our grandfather acquired and started up the current OIL MILL, throwing himself into producing a quality virgin olive oil. Initially him, then our father and at present our mother and us , the Fernández Ortiz family , try to elaborate, together with the invaluable help of our staff, a superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Thus, our ambition is to preserve the family tradition of producers of extra virgin olive oil from olives originating from our local neighbours’ olive trees and adjoining villages which make up  the COUPAGE (blending) of our olive oil a LIQUID GOLD turning it into one of the best olive oils in Extremadura.

Currently, the facilities of the factory have been modified in furtherance of obtaining extra virgin olive oil, even though we keep the old rollers mill and hydraulic press intact, the inheritance of the family tradition.

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