• Exhibitor: ACEITE ORODEAL
  • Brand name: ORODEAL GOURMET

Coupage of picudo and hojiblanca with good value for money

Range: 500 and 250 ml.

We are a Cooperative of more than 600 farmers. Buying our great tasting unfiltered Orodeal supports the farmers, their families and the village of Algarinejo   We have a prime location on the slopes of the western mountains in the province of Granada.The high rainfall, large temperature variations, high lime content of the soil and altitude (in excess of 600m above sea level) are ideal for growing great tasting olives.

More than 70% of our olive groves are on slopes greater than 30%, and we produce our blend  with our native variety of picudo and hojiblanca olives.

We have won a number of national and international awards due for the high quality of our oil and stunning packaging. Also we are developing products related to our olive oil

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