Olive Boneless Flavor Anchovy

Delicious olive without bone and a touch very special anchovy flavor. it'll conquer you.
Hermanos Marichica was born , from the tradition and the desire to grow personally and professionally.Faced with the growing international and national demand for quality oils and products, we decided to renew the traditional family business, improving the olive oil  production system and its presentation (packaging). We currently have more than 10 varieties of extra virgin olive oil, protected by the Designation of Origin of Baena (place of production) as oils with spray essences (pepper flavor, fine herbs, garlic, lemon, chili, etc.) In recent years, we have increased the line of business, and include, preserves of the sea in olive oil, olives with traditional dressing and different flavors. At this moment we export to 5 countries and we are starting to introduce new products in the national market.