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Hojiblanca and picual oil (80/20). Standard quality.

This extra virgin olive oil is extracted from mature olives. It is very subtle on the nose, highlighting its mature undertones, and is especially sweet on the palate. Malaca Vetus is our tribute to the time when thousands of amphoras of olive oil from the olive groves of Malaga and all Andalusia crossed the "Mare Nostrum" to supply the entire Roman Empire. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained from splendid olives of Andalusia conquers all.

Fruity and very delicate on the nose. Lightly herbaceous with predominant tones of ripe apple and banana. Especially sweet and fluid in the mouth with an aftertaste of ripe fruit and almonds.

Centuries-old olive trees disappear over the horizon, dominating the scenery at the Hacienda de Colchado estate, where they have been growing olive trees and producing olive oil for more than three generations. Nowadays, it is a modern business which produces extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, under its brand names Legado, Experience and Malaca Vetus. At Hacienda de Colchado we feel passion for our work, for the land we cultivate and for its fruit. For generations we have immersed ourselves in olive-growing culture, transforming it into our way of life and livelihood.

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