Pulled meats

  • Exhibitor: YATECOMERÉ
  • Brand name: Yatecomeré
These tasty meat dishes are made from the finest meat cuts which are then ‘slow cooked’ in the oven, resulting in an end product of a very tender and tasty meat. Using local ingredients and sticking to traditional recipes, we create original fillers that will provide for a whole range of dishes such as Burritos, Tacos, Pitas, Rolls, Wraps, Sandwiches, Canapés, etc... and everything else you can imagine.

“We are a central kitchen”

We are a center of production, a creator of pre-cooked gastronomic delicacies. Our facilities are equipped with the most modern up to date equipment and have a perfectly designed infrastructure. We make food service products for the different food channels, in order to always provide a point of help for our customers through quality and good service.
“A team made up of chefs”
Leadership is developed by a team of chefs, from the development and innovation of products, through to the selecting and sourcing of ingredients, the Cooking and production of dishes ... everything passes through the criteria our culinary team.
This is the formula for High Value Added products.
The implementation of effective internal HACCP, weekly audits from an External company and obtaining an ISO 22000 (Food Safety System) certificate, ensure the proper functioning of our culinary processes.
“Helping hospitality”
From our production unit and through the almost artisanal production of our products (made from high quality raw materials and in a traditional form, with no preservatives or added coloring) we create products generally that have had a lot of processing.
Our vacuum packaging system allows our products to last much longer in optimum storage conditions, flavor and aroma (Given by the cooking and concentration of the product inside its container, with all its qualities). Thereby our customers may have products constantly meeting their management needs and ensuring a high quality standard and continuous quality service for their business.

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