For Xavier Mor & Chocolatier, each product is unique for each person from Xavier Mor & Chocolatier.  

Xavier Mor & Chocolatier we committed to develop each product in small quantities, one by one, to preserve the maximum of ingredients quality.

Not produce a product any, produce a product that comes out of it usual. Unique.

We make a product for each customer.

We devote hundreds of hours to make our own chocolates, on the basis of the best raw materials.

Single source, fine cocoa. From the best farms in South America. Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala..., maintaining and highlighting the properties of each one of them cocoas, without mix origins and ingredients.

Xavier Mor & Chocolatier we trust that so much effort and so much dedication to the product is one of our best work for each client. For this reason, in which we share ideas of product and concept to customer, we'd provide our products for your company and customer, to enjoy with our articles.

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