Description: It is a very delicate creamy sauce, with genuine flavor and aromas. You can appreciate the Pedro Ximenez vinegar concentrated in which it emphasizes its characteristic aroma with slightly acid touch.

Production: Its base material is 100% Pedro Ximenez wine vinegar. It is heated to a certain temperature by the induction of steam until it is reduced to approximately one third of its initial volume. It is then homogenized with glucose syrup to avoid solidification.

Recommended use: This reduction has the quality to improve any dish where it is added. Provides aromas, flavors, softness and creamy taste. It is a perfect touch in salads, strawberries with cream and aged and  blue cheeses.

Unico Vinagres y Salsas, count with Soleras since 1923.

We are located in the Montilla-Moriles region where are produced some of the best fortified wines in the world, especially the sweet dessert Pedro Ximenez.  

Along with the goal of quality, we are committed as well to a constant innovation, so that we could offer to consumers and chefs the best of the aromas and flavors of our “sunny land” in different products: Wine Vinegars and Reductions.  

They say that “It is more difficult to elaborate a good vinegar than a wine, and the reason is simple, you need a good wine to produce a good wine vinegar” Único  produce wine vinegars  only as from Finos, Olorosos, Moscateles and Pedro Ximenez, to obtain the best.  

More than 25% of our production is for export, and another 20% is composed of “specials” wine vinegars. We have been able to addapt our production to the habbits of some countries and to the taste of different consumers, always withing the highest  possible quality standards and using the best wines within the D.O. Montilla-Moriles.

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