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The Mudéjar company is a company that has been linked to the raising of the duck since 1988. For several years we have been working in the breeding and fattening of the animals acquiring a great experience in these.                                                                                                                                 We have now evolved to close the production process, from the first day of life, to commercialization, through breeding, fattening and processing, thus achieving the goal of traceability.

We start from male ducks of Mulard race, suitable for obtaining the best Foie Gras, resulting from the crossing of the Barberie and Peking breed, these animals are imported from France with a day of life making their transport in less than ten hours, in vehicles Conditioned with adequate heating and ventilation, thus ensuring the welfare of the animal to its destination, ensuring that the animal arrives in the best conditions avoiding mortality and improving performance.

We work with incubators that have a great trajectory of several years and recognized prestige, having a great experience in the genetics of the reproducers to take different lines of ducklings according to the crossing of the reproducers, having thus a wide range where to choose the type of duck Which is more suited to our needs.

Until they adapt to the rigorous climate of Teruel they spend several weeks in buildings with controlled characteristics of suitable temperature and humidity. Later they move to other facilities where they are raised free in large grounds, where they also have ships to shelter from the weather and where they spend the rest of the breeding until fourteen weeks. Then they go to fattening. They are fed with feeds made from cereal and fattened with corn in grain selected exclusively to make foie gras of the highest quality.

Our facilities are located at the foot of the Sierra de Albarracín, a place that serves as a union for two areas of great contrasts, to the west, the abrupt terrain of a beautiful natural landscape, which are the Montes Universales and to the east an endless plain with the Games of colors typical of the extensive cereal fields of the Jiloca Valley.

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