Selectos de Castilla is a company that is dedicated via our Cooperative of Villamartin to raise fatty ducks to obtain Foie Gras and derivatives of the Duck. We breed our own ducks in the open-ranger Farm that we feed with corn in grain. We sacrifice them at our slaughterhouse and transforms or packs them at the premises of Villamartin de Campos, Palencia. We serve the national market, European one and several countries of the world with the range of products of the Duck as well as integrating other delicacies such as lamb, suckling pig, trout and quail. We serve both hospitality and shops or individuals.   As a memorandum indicate that we served in December 2010 the Gala Dinner of Nobel Prizes where 1500 diners tasted our foies, magrets and thighs in a galantine, or in the cards of the best tables, our products are known as Foie de Villamartín or the Duck of Villamartin.

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