• Exhibitor: RECAREDO
  • Brand name: RECAREDO
  • Sector: CAVA
  • Organic

Turó d’en Mota 2005 represents the elegance of simplicity: a unique vineyard, a single grape variety, one vintage and a production of only 3,984 bottles.

It is a terroir wine in the broadest sense; in other words, the expression of an area of very calcareous land with a Mediterranean microclimate, Xarel·lo grapes and a viticulture of observation rather than intervention.

A long and careful ageing of at least 120 months in contact with the lees, obtains the most subtle and complex nuances of the expression of time.The Turó d’en Mota vineyard, which was planted in 1940 and trained traditionally, is property of Recaredo.

This is located in the northwestern corner of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia in the Alt Penedès county, on the north side of a hill named Turó d’en Mota, from which it gets its name. With a surface area of 0.97 hectares, it produced 5,400 kg of grapes in 2005 (31 hl/ha).The 2005 vintage materialises the persistence of memory, recalling a year of timid rains, bold winter months, and incandescent summer skies—elements that shaped the Mediterranean character of a great wine for laying down.

The excellence of long-aged Sparkling Wine

Recaredo Family is specialized in Vintage Brut Nature Sparkling Wines with a distinctive character marked by long ageing. They firmly believes that a great wine reflects the land of its origin, this is the reason why they only practice dry, organic and biodynamic agriculture. Recaredo’s commitment to quality and to terroir wines leads them to grown 65 hectares of family-owned vineyards with indigenous varieties, mainly Xarel·lo grapes.


The hillsides around the Bitlles River are home to our family’s mosaic of vineyards. The Bitlles winds its way through a varied landscape of forests, hills and ravines, including sites of great natural beauty, all dominated by the imposing presence of the mountain of Montserrat.        


100 % Vintage Brut Nature
100% Hand-harvested grapes from their own vineyards in the county of the Alt Penedès.
100 % Organic, biodynamic viticulture.
100 % Winemaking on the property.
100 % Ageing for at least 30 months with natural cork stopper.
100 % Riddling by hand on traditional racks. 100 % Disgorged by hand without freezing the neck of the bottle.  

A commitment audited and certified by Bureau Veritas (read the original document).


The 1999 vintage of Turó d’en Mota, which would see the light in the autumn of 2008, marks a new chapter in Recaredo’s history. Turó d’en Mota is the first cava made using a single variety of grapes (100% Xarel·lo) harvested from a single vineyard. It is also the longest-aged cava, having spent over a hundred months in contact with the lees. Turó d’en Mota is a terroir wine in the broadest sense of the term: the expression of a land characterised by highly calcareous soil and a Mediterranean microclimate, with the Xarel·lo grape variety as the undisputed protagonist, and an approach to viticulture that stresses observation over intervention.  

A DECADE IN BIODYNAMIC VITICULTURE There can be no wines that capture the essence of the landscape unless we care for and respect the land itself. This is the thinking that led Recaredo to start practising biodynamic agriculture – to set life in motion. We started working in biodynamics in 2006, making some proofs with some of our vineyards. Two years later and after valuing such favourable results, we decide to cultivate all our vineyards according the biodynamic principles. Recaredo was the first producers of protected designation of origin cava and protected designation in the Penedès region to practise biodynamic agriculture with official certification by Demeter.

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