• Exhibitor: QUESOS REBOLLIN
  • Brand name: REBOLLIN
Afuega’l Pitu is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from Asturias. The name comes from its tendency to stick to a person’s palate (“pitu”). It is considered one of the oldest Spanish cheeses. Production is centered on with the municipality of Grado having the largest production and being the headquarters of the council of Denomination of Origin. The cheese is produced all year long although principally in spring and winter due to the elevated fat content in milk during those months. It is elaborated with milk from cows milked in the afternoon or evening and heated 25-30º with a coagulant added so the milk forms curds. The following day, after midday, the curds are cut and deposited in a mold to drain. Salt is added and paprika (for “Roxu” variety). The consistency of the paste varies with its degree of maturity, average firmness and adherence being a characteristic, together with the impossibility of performing a clean cut as it breaks up very easily. Slightly acid with a scarcely or not at all salty flavour. Smooth, lactic aroma with a slight recall of yeast, which increases with maturing. The flavor and aroma are emphasized as being strong and hot in orangey/reddish cheeses. There are two varieties of Afuega’l Pitu: white and red (without or with paprika). Depending on the length the cheese has been aged, it can be: cured, semi-cured and soft. Choose and taste the modality you prefer.
Artisan cheese from north of Spain, Asturias.