• Exhibitor: QUESOS ILBESA
  • Brand name: ESQUILA

Aged sheep milk cheese with a strong flavor, an intense sheep aroma, hard texture, dark ivory color, and small and uneven eyes.

Ageing: Approximate 12 months

In Zamora, ovine province by excellence, Domingo Martín in 1938 started a small business crafting fine, artisan sheep milk cheese. Three generations later, his small creamery has become a reference in its sector. Ilbesa joins the tradition of three generations in Cheese manufacturing with strict quality and curing controls, to achieve with our recipes, the finest cheeses. Since the beginning, showing a product with Cellar memories, where the Aroma and the Aftertaste merge into one, giving “The Flavour of the Tradition” whom taste it. The proof of our excellence is the large quantity of awards we have achieved over the years.Nowadays Ilbesa, has the most advanced technologies, improving every day and innovating our Control systems both quality and processing. We are still immersed in know-how to offer it to our customers and friends, continually improving and advancing with the times.