Company that manufactures cheese, milk and other dairy products of the best quality in the region of Castilla y Leon, under the brands "land of flavor" and "Castilian cheese". Elaborated with churra sheep raw milk, native breed of Castile and Leon, the noble and strong salmantino cheese, exhibits a unique flavor and texture. From the master hand of the craftsman, the cheese maintains its purity, seal of identity of centuries of popular gastronomic wisdom. Artisan cheese is a "living being", a food that speaks, perhaps more than any other, of the landscape in which it has been created. The rich pastures of La Fregeneda, in the heart of Las Arribes del Duero, where our cattle are fed, are at the origin of a milk with a strong, buttery flavor and personality. The quality of the raw material, a traditional method of preparation -technology recovered by our cheesemaker-, a natural healing process, result in a unique and limited production cheese. All this, together with the tenacity and good work of 60 years of experience, have made us what we are today: a modern company that, without abandoning the artisan spirit and family of the first founder, is ready to offer you the best product and The most careful attention Know the best selection of cheese with denomination of origin salmantino: pure sheep, goat and mix cheeses, made 100% natural, without additives, and packaged in practical formats that adapt to all consumption needs. Handmade sheep's cheese, which incorporates biodynamic principles into its production, is one of the most popular products in our day and responds to a renewed taste for authentic and traditional. By definition, natural cheese will always be more nutritious and respectful of the environment and our own health.