Sierra Sevil

Goat cheese made with pasteurized goat's milk, pressed paste, with a closed texture (no eyes in the paste), containing 45% fat.
It undergoes an average ripening process in cava between one and two months and is recommended for consumption before the year

The Sierra de Sevil is a shelter for a large number of goat herds, producing a quality milk. This is the germ of the manufacture of artisanal cheese and origin of what has subsequently been transformed into Cheese of Radiquero.

Four varieties are made: two of soft paste, the river Vero lactic coagulation and Los Meleses white mold; Two pressed Sierra Sevil pasteurized milk and San Pelegrin semi-cured raw milk with 6 months maturation. In addition an exquisite cottage cheese, fresh cheese and creams are made.

Manufacturing began in the 1970s. From the beginning, some principles have been followed: the use of high quality raw material, the follow-up of a completely handcrafted process, but treated with high hygienic-sanitary technology, and exquisite professionalism in the elaboration.