Río Vero

Goat cheese made from soft paste, made from lactic coagulation of pasteurized goat's milk, with natural preservatives and no preservatives or additives, its blue mold on the outside and its white interior makes it peculiar, its blue mulch is edible And base of its flavors. Contains 45% fat.

It undergoes a maturation process of at least 30 days in the chamber.

The Sierra de Sevil is a shelter for a large number of goat herds, producing a quality milk. This is the germ of the manufacture of artisanal cheese and origin of what has subsequently been transformed into Cheese of Radiquero.

Four varieties are made: two of soft paste, the river Vero lactic coagulation and Los Meleses white mold; Two pressed Sierra Sevil pasteurized milk and San Pelegrin semi-cured raw milk with 6 months maturation. In addition an exquisite cottage cheese, fresh cheese and creams are made.

Manufacturing began in the 1970s. From the beginning, some principles have been followed: the use of high quality raw material, the follow-up of a completely handcrafted process, but treated with high hygienic-sanitary technology, and exquisite professionalism in the elaboration.