• Exhibitor: QUESOS CERRÓN
  • Brand name: ALMA DE CERRÓN
  • Organic Exhibition Area

Queso curado elaborado con leche de cabra cruda.

18 meses de curación.

Quesos Cerron is a family-run company operating in Fuente Alamo (Albacete) locate in the South East of Spain.

Our story begins in 1987 when Juani Garcia and Juan Jose Cerdan literary takes a hands-on approach to running their business while doing the milking and cheese making themselves. This keeps them connected during the years to the herd and the artisanal cheese production, in addition their three children are all involved with the family business. 

Sustainability in a key component for our family and farm and it guides the methods in which we take care of our herd and the way we produce our cheese. Our cheese is made from the milk of our own Murciano Granadina goats  and from the neighbouring family farm in order to preserve the local farming and agriculture.

At Quesos Cerron, we stand for: 

-Families that farm as a way of life.

- The healthy animals that live  on their farms

- The extraordinarily clean, wholesome and nutritious milk that always comes fromhealthy goats, sheeps and cows on such farms.  

To ensure Quesos Cerron’s top quality and taste, our cheeses are hand crafted using traditional cheese making methods. All our products are made on the Quesos Cerron artisanal plant. Milk is collected and processed daily into our various forms of wonderful products such as our hand-made artisan cheeses. 

In order to achieve our family philosophy our goats grow up in our organic farm “El Tejarejo”.

The dairy products from this milk are “just as nature intended”.

Our organic products are made from:

- milk Non-homogenised and Non-Standardised.

- Cereals and Grass fed goats.

- Milk with no added preservatives or additives.