With an intense aroma without being too sharp, in the mouth you will see that it has a good point of salt and you can recover the sensations that remind you of the milk with which it was made, maintains a certain buttery, despite its months of healing.

The success of these cheeses is that they mature naturally in the dryer and keep the peculiarity in the milk, from flocks that graze in the heart of Tierra de Campos.

The Paramio brothers make this cheese with milk from their own flocks.

The small cheese factory located in the town of Villerias de Campos in Palencia is already famous for the quality of its raw sheep milk cheese. These are compact, mature cheeses with a creamy texture and accentuated aroma.

Artisan Cheeses from Raw Sheep Milk Churra from Own Ovine Cattle Farming.

In 1993, we recovered the production of artisan cheeses that our parents left in the 70s.

- Semi-cured, aged and aged cheeses from raw Churra sheep milk.

- Craft cheese creams packed in glass jars of 110.- Gr.

- Rosca cheese, from Castile and Lion, the most traditional cheese known, with a central hole.

- Leftover Churro Precooked in Canned. of D.O.P. Lamb de Castile and Lion. 5 preferential consumption, Preparation in 40 minutes.

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