Matured solid dairy product obtained by enzymatic coagulation of raw sheep's milk from its own livestock.

With a ripening time between 230 and 390 days (according to legislation it would be called aged cheese).

Dry rind moldy gray color that denotes a cure in very cold and humid environments.

The cut is blind with small mechanical type holes.It has a yellowish brown color and a short, dry texture.

The flavor is very strong and intense, high in salt, with acidic backgrounds and sour spicy touches that denote a deep maturation

Artisan Cheeses from Raw Sheep Milk Churra from Own Ovine Cattle Farming.

In 1993, we recovered the production of artisan cheeses that our parents left in the 70s.

- Semi-cured, aged and aged cheeses from raw Churra sheep milk.

- Craft cheese creams packed in glass jars of 110.- Gr.

- Rosca cheese, from Castile and Lion, the most traditional cheese known, with a central hole.

- Leftover Churro Precooked in Canned. of D.O.P. Lamb de Castile and Lion. 5 preferential consumption, Preparation in 40 minutes.

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