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Made with goat's milk, in the months of the montanera, January and February,Maturing 10-12 months during a laborious artisan tuning, we achievedA white crust, broken fruit of intense and continuous volteos, intense smell emphasizingNotes goats and vegetables of fermentation, firm but soft texture, do not crumbleDespite having a year, has good solubility in the mouth. Persistent, very personal and accused flavor,Highlighting goat aromas and a spicy and spicy aftertaste.

This is a very unique cheese in the world.

     We are a family of artisans from

Extremadura who select the best

batches and, after an arduous work,

bring to their table a unique and seasonal product.

     The chosen cheeses are subjected

to continuous washing, in the crust of

which a characteristic "remelo"

develops which confers an intense

odor, leaving its very creamy texture

and a powerful and aromatic flavor.

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