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Quescrem Selection Torta del Casar

  • Exhibitor: QUESCREM
  • Brand name: Quescrem
Quescrem Selection Torta del Casar have been elaborated from cheeses with denomination of origin especially chosen to attain the characteristics of flavour and texture. It achieves the same intense flavour conserving the characteristics of creamy  texture of the best tortas.

Quescrem, La Crème of Cream Cheeses

Here at Quescrem we are specialists in the production of authentic cream cheese.

We use unique ingredients offering nutritional and functional values that set us apart from other producers on the market. Our top quality products have also received IFS certification (International Featured Standards).

Present in more than 30 countries, we are a dynamic and innovative company committed to health, the environment and sustainability.
Research and Development is a core value in our company, which has its own R&D Department that works to provide our customers with the solutions they need.

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