Té Rojo con Hibisco y Frutas

También conocido como Té de Yunan. Por su doble fermentación se le atribuyen cualidades antioxidantes.

PROCAFÉ (Productos del cáfé, SA) is a Nestlé Spain 100% subsidiary leading the out of home coffee business in Spain.

Procafé has inherited the consistence of the man who established the company as well as the latest tecnology. With a high capacity of roasting and packaging, the Procafé factory is one of the most modern and productive facilities in Europe.

The quality of our different coffees is a question of tradition. The constancy on manteining this quality day by day is due to the effort of those who are part of the Procafé human team. The passion of this team are the constants that for 100 years had guide our company. A passion that is still alive today like the first day and that are reflected in the elaboration of excellent coffees, with all their natural properties and with an unsurmountable flavor and aroma. 

Significant data:

- From 1887, our coffee experts roast daily the coffee beans to deliver the perfect cup.

- The wider product range in the market.

- State of the art factory, environmentally responsible. Located in Reus, Spain.

- Wide distribution network with the best team and coffee expertise.